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Subject: suggested motion on approving the KMIP V1.1 Differences as Committee Note

Hi –


Since the KMIP V1.1 Differences doc is non-standards track, we have the option of a very simple approach to making it a Committee Note (from the TC Process):

“Non-Standards Track Work Products may directly be approved as Committee Notes by the Technical Committees via a Full Majority vote.  Public reviews are optional for Committee Notes”.

We could do this by voice vote, but I think it probably is better to have a ballot so that voting members not in the call have a chance to participate in the ballot. So I suggest we consider something like this in today’s TC call:

“(name) moves that the co-chairs create a 10-day Full Majority Vote ballot to approve ”KMIP V1.1 Differences wd02” asa  Committee Note and request the co-chairs to submit a request for OASIS to publish this Committee Note.”








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