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Subject: Re: [kmip] NIST SP800-57 Part 1 - Normative Reference

On 9/08/2013 7:31 AM, Michael Stevens wrote:
> The objection is that this non-interoperable behaviour is listed as
> mandatory. 

Or more precisely worded, the asymmetric key life-cycle profile is
non-interoperable with a server which performs additional actions not
mandated or specified within the KMIP Specification (which is itself
non-interoperable) - such actions were discussed at length in the last
face to face.

And for the additional context for those who haven't participated in the
public interoperability testing and demonstrations in January and more
recently in July this particular test case within the profile is one
where the server from one vendor does not pass and the servers from all
the other vendors that support the underlying capability do.

Again, we have previously offered to co-author one or more profiles
covering the behaviours we see merit in - and that offer remains open -
and additionally we could commit to attempt to include that in the next
round of interop testing (Dec/Jan) should you be willing to proceed with
a profile - although I think that will miss the timing for inclusion
with in the batch of KMIP 1.2 documents. Nothing precludes us from
advancing a profile separately.


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