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Subject: RE: [kmip] Groups - kmip-tape-lib-profile-v1 0-wd02.doc uploaded

> It was not intended that the Lease Time value be limited to a specific value - we
> discussed this during interop - where vendors return different values (this being
> configurable in most servers) - but it is required that it be supported (as that is in
> the base specification).
Which base specification is this?
The KMIP specification does not require this:
> SHALL always have a value: No

The Baseline server profile does not require this:
> 3.	Supports the following subsets of attributes:
> a.	Unique Identifier ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.1)
> b.	Name ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.2)
> c.	Object Type ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.3)
> d.	Cryptographic Algorithm ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.4)
> e.	Cryptographic Length ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.5)
> f.	Cryptographic Parameters ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.6)
> g.	Digest ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.17)
> h.	Default Operation Policy ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.18.2)
> i.	Cryptographic Usage Mask ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.19)
> j.	State ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.22)
> k.	Initial Date ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.23)
> l.	Activation Date ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.24)
> m.	Deactivation Date ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.27)
> n.	Compromise Occurrence Date ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.29)
> o.	Compromise Date ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.30)
> p.	Revocation Reason ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.31)
> q.	Last Change Date ([KMIP-SPEC] 3.38)

If the intent is to mandate the use of Lease Time, then there needs to be a reference to the document that has this mandate. In it's current form, the profile requires the attributes in the baseline server profile, and the following additional attributes:
> a.	Name [KMIP-SPEC]
> b.	Cryptographic Algorithm [KMIP-SPEC] 
> c.	Custom Attribute [KMIP SPEC]
> d.	Application Specific Information [KMIP SPEC]
Lease Time is not one of these attributes.
(Note that the Name and Cryptographic Algorithm requirement of the tape lib profile are redundant with the requirement to support the Baseline Server profile)

> Did you have any other items of feedback on this or the other profiles (noting
> that your comments on this profile apply equally to the other profile documents
> which include the test case variations section).
I will be reading the other profiles today, and may have further feedback.

-- Michael

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