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Subject: Re: [kmip] Groups - kmip-tape-lib-profile-v1 0-wd02.doc uploaded

On the issue of Lease Time - refer to the specification in section 3.20 table 89 (in wd07). The Lease Time value has always been noted as implicitly set in the list of operations noted for the object types noted. Reading the "SHALL always have a value: No" to mean that the items are not required to have values that are noted in "when implicitly set" in combination with "Applies to Object Types" would be an incorrect interpretation although the usage of MAY in the base section 3 can indeed lead to confusion on this topic. Bruce and I have both previously raised that particular issue and no one to date has proposed altering the specification or changing the consensus as to the meaning.

This particular item was it was introduced during the KMIP 1.0 testing three years ago and noted and updated in the KMIP 1.1 Test Cases document and incorporated in all the test cases (and test cases in profiles) subsequently - after discussions amongst the interop participants and the wider TC.

We also covered the meaning and interpretation of the "When implicitly set" in a couple of recent TC calls.

This same note (and context) also applies to many other attributes within KMIP including (as an example) Fresh.

The profiles in general do not explicitly call out items already noted in the base profiles or the specification as mandatory except where it helps to demonstrate the context (i.e. to aid in clarity) and exactly when that context makes sense to highlight is up to the authors and it does indeed vary. It does however not change the meaning (or interpretation) of the documents.


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