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Subject: KMIP TC re-charter

Hi –

I have heard from a number of organizations that they have received approval from their legal departments regarding re-chartering of the KMIP TC.  In our call this evening, therefore, I’d like to whether we’re ready to consider the following motion regarding re-chartering (see my email of 18-Mar-2013 and 6-Jun-2013 for a bit more info):

“xx moves that the KMIP TC co-chairs request OASIS administration to initiate a Special Majority ballot to determine whether the KMIP TC wishes to modify the current charter, such that bullets three, four and five be  removed from the list of out-of-scope areas currently defined in the charter:

 ·  Framework interfaces not dedicated to secure key and certificate management

·  Certain areas of functionality related to key management are also outside the scope of this technical committee, in particular registration of clients, server-to-server communication and key migration.

·  Bindings other than tag-length-value wire protocol and XSD-based encodings.”

Note that this request for the creation of a Special Majority ballot does not itself need to be a ballot. According to Chet, a voice vote will suffice.



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