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Subject: KMIP TC co-chair

Hi –


Starting in Q4, i’ll be taking on a new responsibility (still within RSA) as the Technical Director for a 3-year EU-funded Smart Grid project. Unfortunately the demands of that role are such that I will need to resign from my role as KMIP TC co-chair.


Subhash and I feel it would be best for me to continue as co-chair until the face-to-face in September, in order to give folks who might be interested in becoming co-chair the time to look into getting any necessary approvals.  One of the first items at the face-to-face would be my resignation and the nomination and election of a new co-chair.


I’ll set aside some time in the agenda for today’s KMIP TC call for discussion of this transition.


And though the transition hasn’t happened yet, I’d like to express my thanks to everyone for the support you give to KMIP and to Subhash and me as co-chairs!  It’s been a very great pleasure and privilege for me to help in making KMIP an important and effective standard!





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