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Subject: requesting Special Majority ballot for KMIP TC re-charter

Hi Chet –


In our KMIP TC call yesterday, we voted to request a Special Majority vote on rec-chartering the TC The motion was:


“Tim Hudson moves that the KMIP TC request OASIS administration to initiate a Special Majority ballot to determine whether the KMIP TC wishes to modify the current charter, such that bulleted items four, five and six are removed from the list of ‘out-of-scope areas’ currently defined in the charter. The specific bulleted items to be deleted (in their entirety) are:

 ·  Framework interfaces not dedicated to secure key and certificate management  

·  Certain areas of functionality related to key management are also outside the scope of this technical committee, in particular registration of clients, server-to-server communication and key migration.

·  Bindings other than tag-length-value wire protocol and XSD-based encodings.”

Seconded by Bob Lockhart and passed by unanimous voice vote with no objections or abstentions. Subhash will send you a link to the minutes as quickly as possible.

I’ve attached a change-bar version of the charter that shows this deletion. In the document, I also made editorial corrections to the deliverables, to reflect the current KMIP V1.2 Committee Spec Draft and Committee Note Draft documents which will be submitted as contributions to the re-chartered TC.

We would like to request that the first meeting of the re-chartered KMIP TC be our face-to-face on Wednesday 18-sep-2013 at the NetApp facility in Mountain View, CA.  Is it possible to do that, in terms of schedule for the ballot, announcements and so on?  Also, we will want the KMIP V1.1 Errata to be published under the existing TC, is this doable within the time frame for convening the re-charteredTC on 18-Sep?

If you need to specify a convener for the re-chartered KMIP TC, I’m happy to take that role. Do you need any other information from us at this point in order to go ahead with setting up the ballot?

Thanks very much!





Attachment: KMIP TC revised_charter 23aug13.docx
Description: KMIP TC revised_charter 23aug13.docx

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