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Subject: Re: [kmip] KMIP: RNG Proposals

On 14/12/2013 4:30 AM, Burns, Robert wrote:



I was merely responding to your comment on Peter's recommendation to support prediction resistance, which was: "We haven't seen any NIST indication as yet that this will be included in the RNG testing. It can be added if this is of interest and you see a use case for it.".

Thanks for noting that - I hadn't realised that NIST had retrofitted the prediction resistance testing statements into the DRBG validation lists (and seeing that an RSA product was the first put through that testing it fills in the gap as to why Peter suggested it). It wasn't in the lists at the time we worked through the original proposal but I can see now that NIST went back and updated the previous entries in what appears to be late 2012 - so my statement was indeed incorrect.

NIST include DRBG testing for prediction resistance on or off in the DBRGVS.

If we are going to include that sort of information then whether or not reseeding is supported and whether or not a derivation function is included are also equally relevant I would think.



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