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Subject: Futurex Contribution to Rechartered KMIP TC

To whom it may concern,


In accordance with the OASIS Open TC Process sections 2.17 Intellectual Property Rights Procedures, and 2.12 TC Rechartering, Futurex hereby Contributes (as defined in the OASIS Intellectual Property Rights Policy) to the OASIS KMIP Technical Committee as rechartered in October 2013, all Contributions Futurex had previously made to the OASIS KMIP Technical Committee prior to this rechartering.




Curtis Smith



Curtis Smith
Solutions Architect Associate
Phone: +1 (830) 980-9782 x1327
Toll-Free: (800) 251-5112 x1327
Cell: +1 (210) 643-5720
E-mail: csmith@futurex.com
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