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Subject: Discussion Proposal: extending the Query operation to help KMIP clients

Hi All,

   I would like to spend just a few minutes during the weekly call today to motivate an issue that will help KMIP client vendors.   Based on our experience developing a KMIP client SDK and the discussion I heard during the last face to face that clients should be smarter we believe that clients could do more with a little more information from the server.   So we propose that the Query function be extended with a new option so that the client can query the Profiles that a server supports.   In addition, some profiles may contain information describing their support.  For example, the alternate message encoding profile could include in the Query response what the HTTP URI,  ["/kmip"] and port is since this may differ per vendor, or whether the server supports asynch operations for a profile. Thus as an example, with this information the client (just configured with preferences) could then automatically decide what message format to use.   The end result is that the users of client SDKs will have an easier time developing systems.    
   We would like to get the input from the TC first and given that we will then go off and write up a complete proposal possibly adding it to existing Query proposals.


Mark Joseph, Ph.D. President P6R, Inc 408-205-0361 mark@p6r.com Skype: markjoseph_sc http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mark-joseph/0/752/4b4

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