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Subject: [kmip] Groups - Asynchronous Indicator - normative inconsistency in specification


Section 6.7 implies that the Asynchronous Indicator flag may be present or absent. If present, its value may be either True or False.


KMIP-Spec v1.1 – Section 6.7  Asynchronous Indicator:

KMIP-Spec v1.2wd08 – Section 6.7  Asynchronous Indicator:


6.7 Asynchronous Indicator

This Boolean flag indicates whether the client is able to accept an asynchronous response. It SHALL

have the Boolean value True if the client is able to handle asynchronous responses, and the value False

otherwise. If not present in a request, then False is assumed. If a client indicates that it is not able to

handle asynchronous responses (i.e., flag is set to False), and the server is not able to process the

request synchronously, then the server SHALL respond to the request with a failure.



KMIP-Spec v1.1 – Section 7.2 Operations:

KMIP-Spec v1.2wd08 – Section 7.2 Operations:

7.2 Operations

If the client is capable of accepting asynchronous responses, then it MAY set the Asynchronous Indicator

in the header of a batched request. The batched responses MAY contain a mixture of synchronous and

asynchronous responses.


KMIP-Spec v1.1 – Table 207: Request Header Structure:

KMIP-Spec v1.2wd08 – Table 245: Request Header Structure:


Object:                                 Asynchronous Indicator

Required in Message:   No

Comment:                          If present SHALL be set to True, see 6.7


… Dave






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