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Subject: [kmip] - KMIP Usage Guide v1.2: Batched Requests and Responses



Section 2.10 Batched Requests and Responses [see http://docs.oasis-open.org/kmip/ug/v1.2/cnprd01/kmip-ug-v1.2-cnprd01.pdf] states:


215         remaining requests in the batch. Note that there is no option to treat an entire batch as atomic,

216         that is, if a request in the batch fails, then preceding requests in the batch are not undone or

217         rolled back (see Section 3.15). A special ID Placeholder (see Section 3.18) is provided in KMIP to


Notwithstanding that KMIP’s Batch Error Continuation Option is itself optional in the protocol, the above statement would seem to conflict with KMIP section 6.13 Batch Error Continuation Option [see https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/50394/kmip-spec-v1.2-wd08.pdf] whose description reads:


2014       6.13 Batch Error Continuation Option

2015       This option SHALL only be present if the Batch Count is greater than 1. This option SHALL have one of

2016       three values:

2017                       • Undo – If any operation in the request fails, then the server SHALL undo all the previous

2018                           operations.

2019                       • Stop – If an operation fails, then the server SHALL NOT continue processing subsequent

2020                           operations in the request. Completed operations SHALL NOT be undone.

2021                       • Continue – Return an error for the failed operation, and continue processing subsequent

2022                           operations in the request.

2023       If not specified, then Stop is assumed.

2024       Server support for this feature is OPTIONAL, but if the server does not support the feature, and a request

2025       is received containing the Batch Error Continuation Option with a value other than the default Stop, then

2026       the entire request SHALL be rejected.


i.e. Section 2.10 of the Usage Guide should provide wording to the effect that “… there is an optional option to treat the entire batch as atomic …”.


This inconsistency between the two documents appears to have gone unnoticed/uncorrected since at least v1.1 of the KMIP Usage Guide.



… Dave

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