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Subject: [kmip] - KMIP 1.2 Sync/Async - Inconsistency: Usage Guide vs Spec



The Usage Guide’s section 2.8 Synchronous and Asynchronous Messages states:


197         2.8 Synchronous and Asynchronous Messages

198         The protocol allows two modes of operation. Synchronous (mandatory) operations are those in

199         which a client sends a request and waits for a response from the server. Polled Asynchronous

200         operations (optional) are those in which the client sends a request, the server responds with a

201         “pending” status, and the client polls the server for the completed response and completion

202         status. Server implementations may choose not to support the Polled Asynchronous feature of

203         the protocol.


essentially saying that the server support for synchronous client requests is mandatory for all operations, whereas (additional) server support for asynchronous client requests is optional for any particular operation.


However, the KMIP Spec’s section 6.8 Asynchronous Correlation Value states:


1951       6.8 Asynchronous Correlation Value

1952       This is returned in the immediate response to an operation that is pending and that requires

1953       asynchronous polling. Note: the server decides which operations are performed synchronously or

1954       asynchronously. A server-generated correlation value SHALL be specified in any subsequent Poll or

1955       Cancel operations that pertain to the original operation.


essentially saying that a given operation may be supported synchronously or asynchronously at the server’s discretion. (This statement is itself somewhat ambiguous since it leaves open the possibility that a given server may support both synchronous and asynchronous response capability for the same operation, and the server’s decision to respond synchronously or asynchronously could be made dynamically. Acceptable behavior, I think, but not explicitly stated.)


We may presume that the KMIP Spec allows a server not to offer synchronous support of some operations because section 6.7 Asynchronous Indicator states:


1944     6.7 Asynchronous Indicator

1945     This Boolean flag indicates whether the client is able to accept an asynchronous response. It SHALL

1946     have the Boolean value True if the client is able to handle asynchronous responses, and the value False

1947     otherwise. If not present in a request, then False is assumed. If a client indicates that it is not able to

1948     handle asynchronous responses (i.e., flag is set to False), and the server is not able to process the

1949     request synchronously, then the server SHALL respond to the request with a failure.



… Dave


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