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Subject: KMIP 1.2 documents

In preparation for the meeting this week I've added a summary page of the KMIP 1.2 next steps and summary of the status of all the documents including references to the public repository versions of the updated docs and where provided the PDF change bar version.

See https://wiki.oasis-open.org/kmip/1.2

The documents with the * against review update have the minor correction noted in the document for the server/client section name references.

Given that the majority of the changes for the profile documents involved reorganising the structure of the document the word change tracking was a mess - hence the clean versions and a separate PDF change bar version against the original. Going through all these documents again in a single pass also helped pick up some minor errors in referencing within the documents which had been noted against one or more of the profiles.

As these profile documents are all normative, the informative (non-normative) references section which were not actually being referenced within the documents have been removed which has reduced the updates required and also makes it much clearer in terms of the document dependencies.

Tony did a lot of the word change handling and reviewing during the updates which has reduced the inconsistencies and the cross-referencing errors and I for one are rather thankful for his assistance in doing that.


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