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kmip message

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Subject: Integrating KMIP, PKCS 11, and SSH

Hi All,

    I thought this would be of interest to the group:


Integrating KMIP, PKCS 11, and SSH

P6R has implemented a PKCS 11 Baseline Consumer as part of a SSH server’s Public Key Authentication protocol (i.e., RFC 4252). This implementation provides centralized Public Key management for SSH installations via the use of KMIP. With our PKCS 11 Consumer, the SSH server looks up a user’s Public Key on a remote KMIP server rather than some file system directory. This scheme makes adding or removing a user’s SSH login authentication as easy as creating or removing a set of keys from a KMIP server. This PKCS 11 Consumer is both a PKCS 11 and KMIP client.


Mark Joseph, Ph.D. 
President P6R, 
Inc 408-205-0361 
Skype: markjoseph_sc


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