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Subject: Question about unwrapping keys

Hi All,

    I am trying to come up with an example of how to unwrap a key.    I can successfully wrap a key by performing a Get operating on an existing key with a Wrapping Specification.

Now I take that wrapped key and perform a Register operation with it making sure a Key Wrapping Data section is in the request.   That all works, the Register operation succeeds.

So to get the unwrapped key I perform a simple Get operation just passing in the UniqueId of the Registered wrapped key.    The result of this last Get operation is that I get the wrapped 

key block back I was expecting it to give me back the unwrapped key (the wrapping key is stored on the server).  

    I have looked over the KMIP 1.2 spec and the usage guide and have not found  a clear description of unwrapping a key.   Can someone point me to some text or point out what I am doing wrong.

Mark Joseph

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