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Subject: Pre-OS vote orientation webinar opportunity

Members of the KMIP TC, 

In several weeks, OASIS will be holding a membership vote to approve several of your specifications as OASIS Standards. We want to offer you the opportunity to try something new with us: a pre-OS vote orientation webinar. 

The webinar would be targeted at the OASIS membership, but could be open to anyone who wants to attend. The purpose would be to let representatives of the TC explain the basics about the specifications to people who might not be familiar with this area of technology.  We would like to see if this will result in achieving the approval threshold faster and reaching a higher OS vote total. We'd also like to see if it would help elevate awareness of the work both within OASIS (i.e.leading to more citations to the KMIP OSs from other OASIS TCs.)

To be most effective, we think it would be best to hold this during the first week of the vote. Your 60 day public review ends soon, so sometime around the week of 27th April. Please discuss this idea within the TC and let us know if there is any interest by Thursday, 16 April

Kind regards, Jane

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