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Subject: [kmip] KMIP v1.2 TestCases: Inconsistency w.r.t. Register of Split Keys?



I wonder whether there’s an inconsistency with Register of a Split Key as exemplified in the KMIP v1.2 Test Cases document [beginning p.858]:


2.3.48 TC-SJ-3-12 - Join Split Keys




<ProtocolVersionMajor type="Integer" value="1"/>

<ProtocolVersionMinor type="Integer" value="2"/>


<BatchCount type="Integer" value="1"/>



<Operation type="Enumeration" value="Register"/>


<ObjectType type="Enumeration" value="SplitKey"/>



<AttributeName type="TextString" value="x-ID"/>

<AttributeValue type="TextString" value="TC-SJ-3-12-split1"/>




<SplitKeyParts type="Integer" value="4"/>

<KeyPartIdentifier type="Integer" value="1"/>

<SplitKeyThreshold type="Integer" value="2"/>

<SplitKeyMethod type="Enumeration" value="PolynomialSharingGF2_8"/>


<KeyFormatType type="Enumeration" value="Raw"/>


<KeyMaterial type="ByteString" value="66C46A7754F94DE420C7B1A7FFF5EC56"/>








Notice the absence of both a Cryptographic Algorithm and a Cryptographic Length from the above request.


The KMIP v1.2 specification’s Table 144-Register Attribute Requirements, however, clearly states that both Cryptographic Algorithm and a Cryptographic Length are in fact required to be present – only Secret Data being exempt.


QUESTION: Must Cryptographic Algorithm and Cryptographic Length be present in the Register of a Split Key object type?



… Dave

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