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Subject: PKCS#12 Proposal: Clarification of Question in TC

Clarifying my comment on the TC call today regarding whether operations such as Register should state that the PKCS#12 key format type should return an error.

The Register operation has required inputs of Object Type, Template-Attribute and an Object (Certificate, Symmetric Key, Private Key, etc.).

Taking a Private Key as the subject of registration, for example, the Private Key Object contains a Key Block. The Key Block is a structure containing a Key Value, and must contain a Key Format Type.

So my question, re-phrased, is this:

Should operations, such as Register, that take as input a Key Object, where the Key Block specifies a Key Type of PKCS#12 return an error? If so, should the standard state that it is an error to attempt to Register a PKCS#12 key type?


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