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Subject: Groups - April F2F Action Items uploaded

Submitter's message
Hi folks,
Here are the Action Items I extracted from the April F2F meetings' minutes.
Could those members who have outstanding action items please endeavor to provide a status on this week's call.

Hopefully Bob will have a chance soon to move the items into Jira for further management.
-- Mr. Tony Cox
Document Name: April F2F Action Items

Summary action items extracted from the approved minutes of the April KMIP
TC face to face meetings (day 1 + day 2).
Prepared to facilitate entry into Jira.
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: Mr. Tony Cox
Group: OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) TC
Folder: Drafts
Date submitted: 2015-06-11 03:03:31

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