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Subject: Question for today's agenda: ID Placeholder

Hi Tony


Would you please add the following question regarding ID Placeholder to today’s agenda.



… Dave


Initial conditions:


Managed Cryptographic Object (Name)







Batch request:

·         Batch Order Option = true


Batch Item #


ID Placeholder

(after Operation)



Locate [Name=foo]

ID Placeholder=UID(foo)

Locate by Name sets the ID Placeholder to foo


Revoke [UniqueIdentifier=UID(bar)]

ID Placeholder=No change=UID(foo)

This Revoke explicitly sets the UniqueIdentifier. Revoke does not [cannot] set the ID Placeholder.


Destroy [UniqueIdentifier=ID Placeholder]

ID Placeholder=No change=UID(foo)

Destroys foo!? This Destroy does not explicitly set the UniqueIdentifier, so implicitly uses the ID Placeholder, which identifies foo.


It seems strange, and hazardous, that the Locate operation’s setting of the ID Placeholder can leapfrog the Revoke operation’s explicit setting of the UniqueIdentifier to have effect on the operation following Revoke. A reasonable expectation for the above scenario would be that the Revoke operation sets the ID Placeholder to its explicitly set UniqueIdentifier (thereby resulting in the Destroy of bar instead of foo).



Why does the KMIP specification deny setting of the ID Placeholder to operations like Revoke, Check, Get, and others that operate on a single, possibly explicit UniqueIdentifier?


BTW – As pointed out by Judy Furlong, the KMIP specification seems to have neglected ID Placeholder w.r.t. some of the newer operations [e.g. Split Key].



… Dave


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