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Subject: Until next time ...

Hi Tony


I believe I hinted at RSA2016 that my days on the KMIP TC were numbered. At the time, I was not sure what the exact count would be, but I can now say (with the certainty of hindsight) that my last day was April 7th.  True, last Thursday I was supposed to defend some gibberish I posted about the ID Placeholder and “leapfrogs”, but fate conspired to prevent me from joining the call. (Nevertheless, “Sorry” I missed it.)


So it is not without regret that I now officially inform you of my intent to withdraw from the KMIP TC. I have enjoyed my participation in this group, and I wish you to know that I appreciate the effort and dedication that you and others on the KMIP TC have demonstrated.


Best wishes to you, and to the rest of the KMIP TC.



… Dave

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