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Subject: KMIP TC F2F Feb 2017 - Agenda Items

Hi folks,

I'm starting to put together the agenda for our 2 day face to face meeting in February for which I'll need your input.

Could you please send through any items you'd like to discuss as soon as possible (noting the main focus will be on KMIP v2.0) including:

  • Topic;
  • Length of time (15/30/45/60/etc minutes)
  • Solo or joint presentation
  • Preferred day (9 or 10 Feb)
I know we're about to run into the holiday season but I'd appreciate your input well before our first meeting in the new year (January 5)


Tony Cox

Director Business Development, Strategy & Alliances


P:  +61 7 3103 0321, US:  +1 (650) 918 4307

https://calendly.com/tony-cox (book a meeting)

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