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Subject: Re: [kmip] RE: ReKey Link Attribute Query


I would give a different answer, with a different picture for the outcome of create key 1, then rekey key1, then rekey key 2, then destroy key2.

If one does more than the KMIP spec calls for, then you can end up with the pictures you showed, and the question you posed.  However, if one only does what the spec requires..."the key material for the specified Managed Object SHALL be destroyed", then you end up with my picture.  If on Destroy, one does not destroy the object, but just the key material, then all the UIDs remain assigned, all the metadata remains, only the key material for "Key 2" is rendered inaccessible/unusable (which I tried to depict by spraypainting over the "Key 2" text).  One can sidestep the discussion of UID reuse, as the UIDs are still in use, and auditors can see the history of what has transpired.  I would also note that one of the things that one can Query of the server is its CapabilityInformation, which includes what "Shredding Algorithm" it will perform on the key material of Destroy'd objects (and spraypainting over the key material is NOT actually one of the options).

Bruce Rich

On Thu, Jun 8, 2017 at 10:19 AM, John Leiseboer <JL@quintessencelabs.com> wrote:

The values of the link attributes should not change. Of course for servers that re-use unique identifiers this could be an issue. But this would also be an issue for links between public and private keys, and public keys and certificates. In fact anywhere that UIDs of keys are stored in attributes or even in applications outside of servers, re-use of UIDs would be problematic.




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Subject: [kmip] ReKey Link Attribute Query


Dear KMIP TC Members,


I want to discuss the behaviour of Link attributes while doing Re-Key operation.

Suppose there are  3 Keys: Key1, Key2 and Key3

Where Key2 created by Re-Key on key1 and key3 is created by Re-Key on Key2, as shown in below dig:





My question is :

If someone deletes Key2, then what should be expected behaviour ?


Should it be like below:



Or Should it be like below:




Thanks & Regards,

Nitin Jain | Software Development | Gemalto (Safenet)

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