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Subject: RE: [kmip] OASIS staff concern (was) Re: [kmip] Groups - Draft Letter from KMIP TC to OASIS Board Regarding Interop policies uploaded

I support Jamie’s request for an opportunity to talk on this matter. This morning (east coast Australian time) was the first time that I became aware of a dispute between the KMIP TC and OASIS regarding the interop event. Without understanding the nature of the dispute, and hearing from all parties involved in the dispute, I think it would be unfair and unreasonable to expect TC members to vote one way or another.


I note in the draft letter the statement that recent interop policy updates conflict with expressed views of the KMIP TC. At the very least these conflicts need to be identified, and the expressed views of the KMIP TC need to be formally referenced. I read the interop policy on the OASIS site this morning, and I couldn’t identify anything that I thought would or should be in conflict with KMIP TC members.





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Subject: [kmip] OASIS staff concern (was) Re: [kmip] Groups - Draft Letter from KMIP TC to OASIS Board Regarding Interop policies uploaded


Members of the KMIP TC:

   Good morning.  We've noted the letter uploaded by Cryptsoft to the TC this morning (US time), asking the TC to take the position (approximately) today that the TC should reject or convert its next interop event because Cryptsoft does not agree with us on a specific rule dispute.

    OASIS staff plans to attend today's KMIP TC meeting, and respectfully requests that we talk with the TC before you decide whether to act.

    On Tuesday we discussed with Cryptsoft representatives how to resolve the genuine issues under discussion, and noted that we would reply to them by this Friday, leaving time for an OASIS Board discussion on 11 December and TC action on 14 December.  As of last night, some proposed to move up the TC's actions to today -- either accidentally or deliberately cutting off any ability by OASIS staff to reply to the TC. 

   We will suggest that the TC act no earlier than the 14th, and that we discuss the issue at today's meeting.  I doubt whether OASIS will be able to provide any further effective data to the TC in writing within the few hours of this artificially-moved deadline, but we will attend today's meeting in any case to discuss the matter.

    OASIS has no stake in these outcomes, as each TC can and should choose the types of events it wishes to run, within the bounds of our rules.  However, we caution you that:

  • it would be prudent and more consistent with open standards methods and transparency to hear both sides before being stampeded into a decision,
  • you have plenty of time to do so, and
  • we respectfully disagree with some of the statements in today's letter.

    Kind regards   Jamie Clark, for OASIS

James Bryce Clark, General Counsel
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

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Date: Thu, 7 Dec, 2017 at 05:59 AM
Subject: [kmip] Groups - Draft Letter from KMIP TC to OASIS Board Regarding Interop policies uploaded

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