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Subject: KMIP Interop Demo at RSA 2018

Dear members of the KMIP TC,

Following my message of December 2017, the Board of Directors has taken the matter of the Interop Policy discussion and related points under consideration. Although we have not completed this comprehensive evaluation, in the interest of clarity for the TC, we already decided, after careful deliberation and in collaboration with OASIS staff, to the following:

- The KMIP TC Interop Process will be applicable to and govern the KMIP Interop Demo at RSA 2018, not the OASIS Interoperability Demonstration Policy.
- All KMIP participants are expected to follow the process as described in the KMIP TC Interop Process, which was agreed to by the Technical Committee itself through a vote, as described in the Technical Committee (TC) Process. 
- Participation in the interop and presence on the RSA show floor in an OASIS booth will require continued compliance with the KMIP TC Interop Process. OASIS staff will work with the KMIP Interop Demo Lead to help ensure that all participants observe this. 

The Board continues its task to further review this matter with the objective of getting to a desirable and positive outcome for all involved.

If you have any questions and / or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Gershon Janssen
Chair, OASIS Board of Directors

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