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Subject: Closing off KMIP v2.0

Hi Folks,

As Tony mentioned on this week's call, we would like to close off KMIP v2.0 as soon as possible and we would like draw that line at next week's meeting. To that end we would like to request that all spec delta proposals must be submitted, presented to the TC and approved by the TC by the conclusion of this weekâs meeting. This also applies to any proposal the TC has asked to revisit in a future meeting (like re provisioning).

Any item without an approved spec delta at the conclusion of next week's call should be pushed to v.next. This will mean the the document editors can finalize the drafts and start the OASIS approval process.

With this request in mind, we would ask that if you have an outstanding item, please ensure it is uploaded as soon as possible so TC members have a chance to review it prior to next week's call.

Thanks again,
-Judy & Tony

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