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Subject: Issue with test case TC-DLOGIN-1-20, Query operation needs a query function

All the Query requests in this test have no query functions, yet if you look at the KMIP spec the request payload has

QueryFunction        Required -- Yes, May be Repeated,

So this test needs to be modified to include at least one query function??
I have not looked at the other Login tests yet do they do the same thing?

From the test case
# Request 2
      <ProtocolVersionMajor type="Integer" value="2"/>
      <ProtocolVersionMinor type="Integer" value="0"/>
        <CredentialType type="Enumeration" value="Ticket"/>
            <TicketType type="Enumeration" value="Login"/>
            <TicketValue type="ByteString" value="$TICKET_VALUE"/>
    <BatchCount type="Integer" value="1"/>
    <Operation type="Enumeration" value="Query"/>

Mark Joseph
P6R, Inc

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