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Subject: Re: [kmip] Issue with test case TC-DLOGIN-2-20, Request Count and leaseTime are zero?

It is a straight bug. They should not be there. Well spotted again.

(In general, when you find something, please suggest a correction.)


On Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 8:52 AM Mark Joseph <mark@p6r.com> wrote:
Also on this test should both RequestCount and LeastTime be zero??
LeaseTime of zero is also used in TC-DLOGIN-1-20 test as well.

  <Operation type="Enumeration" value="DelegatedLogin"/>
   <LeaseTime type="Interval" value="0"/>
   <RequestCount type="Integer" value="0"/>

BTW reading the "Delegated Login" and "Login" operation descriptions it does not say what happens if Request Count and/or Lease Time are not provided in the message since they are both optional.
I would assume that the ticket can be used however long it is desired but the spec should be explicit and say that. ÂHowever, is that case different from zero values??

Mark Joseph
P6R, Inc

From: Mark Joseph <mark@p6r.com>
To: Tim Hudson <tjh@cryptsoft.com>, "tony.cox@cryptsoft.com" <tony.cox@cryptsoft.com>
Cc: OASIS KMIP Technical Committee <kmip@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: 12/21/2018 2:24 PM
Subject: [kmip] Issue with test case TC-DLOGIN-2-20, Result reason spelling error

The specification has a different spelling for this result reason which will be an issue in the XML and JSON testsÂ

Not Authorised


   <ProtocolVersionMajor type="Integer" value="2"/>
   <ProtocolVersionMinor type="Integer" value="0"/>
  <TimeStamp type="DateTime" value="$NOW"/>
  <ServerCorrelationValue type="TextString" value="A10AD7B7-A3B6C0A0-9"/>
  <BatchCount type="Integer" value="1"/>
  <Operation type="Enumeration" value="Get"/>
  <ResultStatus type="Enumeration" value="OperationFailed"/>
  <ResultReason type="Enumeration" value="NotAuthorized"/>
  <ResultMessage type="TextString" value="DENIED"/>

Mark Joseph
P6R, Inc

Anthony Berglas Ph.D.
Principal Engineer

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