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Subject: Re: Fixed Protect Stop Date in BL-M-4-20 also has +10:00 time zone

No. The same logical time is fine. The timezone is irrelevant for that. The comparison of the time for matching is logical not textual.


On Tue, 25 Dec. 2018, 1:06 pm Mark Joseph <mark@p6r.com wrote:
We parse then just fine, my point is in generating them.
Since it is a Mandatory test case we have to generate the exact same valueÂ"2000-01-01T00:00:00+10:00"Â
in the request even though a GMT version would work just a fine.


In XML the Date-Time encoding is explicitly noted in as xsd:dataTime and those are valid values. Date-Time

For XML, value uses [XML-SCHEMA] type xsd:dateTime

<ArchiveDate type="DateTime" value="2001-01-01T10:00:00+10:00"/>

Your XML to TTLV code must be able to handle the timezone specification and convert into UTC prior to going into TTLV form.
The example there shows precisely that timezone in use (and always has done so).Â

I did place the date time values in prior test cases in +00:00 / Zulu / UTC - but there is absolutely no requirement to do so.Â
XML code needs to be able to handle all the supported xsd:dateTime values.


On Tue, Dec 25, 2018 at 9:37 AM Mark Joseph <mark@p6r.com> wrote:
From the KMIP Spec:
Date-Time values are POSIX Time values encoded as Long Integers. POSIX Time, as described in IEEE Standard 1003.1 [IEEE1003-1], is the number of seconds since the Epoch (1970 Jan 1, 00:00:00 UTC), not counting leap seconds.

So to get the real number of seconds for the Protect Stop Date I have to put the time below into UTC time first just to generate the proper TTLV
Can we change all of these to GMT please.

   <ProtocolVersionMajor type="Integer" value="2"/>
   <ProtocolVersionMinor type="Integer" value="0"/>
  <BatchCount type="Integer" value="1"/>
  <Operation type="Enumeration" value="Locate"/>
    <ObjectType type="Enumeration" value="SecretData"/>
    <ProtectStopDate type="DateTime" value="2000-01-01T00:00:00+10:00"/>
    <ProtectStopDate type="DateTime" value="2000-02-10T00:00:00+10:00"/>

Mark Joseph
P6R, Inc

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