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Subject: Fwd: [kmip-comment] TTLV vs XML Encoding

Hi Folks,

Here is the response that Chuck & I have drafted.
Please review in preparation for discussion on our next call.

"The purpose of the test cases is to clearly document how the KMIP standard can be used in real-world contexts.
Test cases are designed to be able to be developed well prior to implementations existing so that concepts can be discussed within the technical committee by all participants.
The XML format was selected because it is human readable and also able to be easily automated for those who have implementations.
This results in more test cases and more interactions within the technical committee during the standards process.
The encoding rules for TTLV, XML and JSON are all clearly documented within the KMIP standard (in the KMIP Profiles document) and testing the correctness of an implementation for following the encoding rules is not the focus of the test cases.
We have interoperability and plug-fest events for testing correctness of implementations which cover a much broader scope than the simple encoding rules."

-Tony Cox

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Subject: [kmip-comment] TTLV vs XML Encoding
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2019 09:18:23 +0000
From: Pawlitzek René <rene.pawlitzek@ntb.ch>
To: kmip-comment@lists.oasis-open.org <kmip-comment@lists.oasis-open.org>
CC: peter_michael@bluewin.ch <peter_michael@bluewin.ch>

Hi everyone

I haven’t been following the KMIP standardization process closely in the past. However, recently I looked at the use-cases document and noticed that the test cases no longer list the TTLV encoding. Would it be possible to provide the TTLV encoding for the test cases in addition to the XML-encoding? This would help people to update older KMIP encoders / decoders to version 1.4. Thank you very much.





Prof. René Pawlitzek

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