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Subject: Back in business

Good morning John H. and other group members. The TC met this morning with both Melanie and Fabio on the call. Please note that the next TC meeting will be on September 30 rather than October 7, as Fabio would like to review a letter in response to the ELI communication over the summer. Melanie asked that the subcommittees put use case documents into final form, and the Technical Subcommittee is to draft some guidelines for formatting them. All use cases should be completed by December. If you have any questions about the use cases work, please contact Melanie.


On another matter, please note that AALL will not be renewing its OASIS membership at the end of October (the 28th), at which point I will no longer be a member of the TC. I will remain interested in the process, but will not have any official role.


Best wishes,



Kenneth J. Hirsh

Director of the Law Library and I.T.

Professor of Practice

University of Cincinnati College of Law


(513) 556-0159




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