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legalcitem-secondary message

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Subject: reminder and agenda setting for April 2nd meeting

Dear Secondary Participants,

I thought that we might start with a session to go over what we consider "secondary materials." We will use this discussion as the main part of our agenda at the inaugural meeting ( https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/legalcitem-secondary/event.php?event_id=37628 ).

I think that we should consider that we break up the list into types. I propose:
  • Types of documents that might be cited:
    • Bylaws
    • Simple Contracts
    • Datums (like census data)
    • Government web pages with public information
    • Documents that the group or person decides that they want to have cited
    • (add yours here)
  • Document formats that can be cited (and also have cites):
    • Human presentable formats
      • PDF portions
      • HTML (including HTML5 and XML XSLT'd into HTML5)
        • "items"
        • SVG elements, groups, or whole instance
        • Video tags, time code, transcipts/CC, portions
        • Audio tags, time code, portions
        • textual elements
        • WebGL
    • (add yours here)

As we wait for a Wiki capability for our subcommittee, I went ahead and set up an etherpad note taking site for us ( http://legalcites-secmat.titanpad.com/1 with a password for the group of "secondary" ). Please feel free to add/edit to this. Please include documentation and links to referenced material. Or just email the group with your suggestions and I will transcribe them to the notes.

Thanks for your participation. I look forward to our first meeting. And feel free to contact me on Skype @citizencontact or by email at daniel@citizencontact.com


Daniel Bennett
202-651-1964 mobile and SMS

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