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legalcitem-secondary message

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Subject: Re: [legalcitem-secondary] reminder and agenda setting for April 2nd meeting

Hi Daniel, 

Regarding types of documents... 
I suggest we also consider secondary publisher's treatises, encyclopedias, monographs, anthologies, handbooks, forms, etc., journals (law school and other), newspapers (e.g. The American Lawyer, Mealys Reports). I think that's sufficiently broad to cover the scope of materials produced by the legal publishers. 

In terms of the formats, that list looks pretty inclusive to me for now. 

Talk to you tomorrow.... 


On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 10:13 AM, Daniel Bennett <daniel@citizencontact.com> wrote:
Dear Secondary Participants,

I thought that we might start with a session to go over what we consider "secondary materials." We will use this discussion as the main part of our agenda at the inaugural meeting ( https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/legalcitem-secondary/event.php?event_id=37628 ).

I think that we should consider that we break up the list into types. I propose:
  • Types of documents that might be cited:
    • Bylaws
    • Simple Contracts
    • Datums (like census data)
    • Government web pages with public information
    • Documents that the group or person decides that they want to have cited
    • (add yours here)
  • Document formats that can be cited (and also have cites):
    • Human presentable formats
      • PDF portions
      • HTML (including HTML5 and XML XSLT'd into HTML5)
        • "items"
        • SVG elements, groups, or whole instance
        • Video tags, time code, transcipts/CC, portions
        • Audio tags, time code, portions
        • textual elements
        • WebGL
    • (add yours here)

As we wait for a Wiki capability for our subcommittee, I went ahead and set up an etherpad note taking site for us ( http://legalcites-secmat.titanpad.com/1 with a password for the group of "secondary" ). Please feel free to add/edit to this. Please include documentation and links to referenced material. Or just email the group with your suggestions and I will transcribe them to the notes.

Thanks for your participation. I look forward to our first meeting. And feel free to contact me on Skype @citizencontact or by email at daniel@citizencontact.com


Daniel Bennett
202-651-1964 mobile and SMS


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