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legalcitem-secondary message

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Subject: Prep for next meeting

As I wait for the TC main group to update the calendar to include future meetings so I can add our 30 minutes prior meetings, I wanted to make sure we would have some material to discuss.

Although there is a Wiki (thanks Chet) for people to add to, nothing new has been put up since the last meeting. To help move the process along, I will be acting as Secretary and setting up times to individually go over with each person what material and list items to add. 

Please email me ( mailto:daniel@citizencontact.com ) with dates and times you can talk/Skype/Hangout/etc. so that I can capture the notes and add them to the Wiki ( https://wiki.oasis-open.org/legalcitem/secondarysc ). I would like you to pick 2 or 3 times in the following week for a 20 minute brainstorm session. As I am in the Eastern Time zone for the US, please try and pick times outside of 11pmEDT to 8amEDT time frame for Monday through Thursday next week. 

Obviously, feel free to add/edit the Wiki in addition to or instead of that meeting.

I am assuming the next meeting will be May 7th, (which may be difficult for me as I am at a conference). I will add all the material prior to that meeting.

Thanks for you help.


Daniel Bennett
+1-202-651-1964 (mobile and SMS)
@citizencontact (Skype, Twitter, etc.) 

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