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legalcitem-secondary message

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Subject: Your next steps assignment - mission possible - should you decide to followup

Dear Secondary Materials Subcommittee members:

Based on our time being overlapped by another committee, we need to pick another time. As I will be out of touch the week of the next meeting time, we will skip that, but continue to work individually (see below for the mission/project).

Also, thanks for helping (or pledging to help) with adding to the use case/potential document sets listed on the Wiki home page.

Based on that effort, the next step is to pick one of them each and using the mapping list to create a description document:


Please feel free to add/edit the list. I will endeavor to create an example document to show how I am doing it in the next couple of week. Feel free to follow that format.


Daniel Bennett
@citizencontact (Skype, Twitter, etc)

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