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Subject: Re: [legalcitem] Prolegomena to the constitution of subcommittees

Dear Sara, 

On 14/feb/2014, at 13:11, Sara S. Frug <sara@liicornell.org> wrote:

> [Just responding to the scope of materials covered in the proposed committees.] The list suggested here includes important items but is too narrow - I believe the adopters of a legal citation standard will expect it also to cover, for starters, constitutions, treaties, and regulations.

I totally agree. I did include them in my legislation subcommittee: 

>> b) legislation: the purpose of this SC is to deliver, in a multinational, multi-language and multi-jurisdictional fashion, the features that characterize citations to proposed and enacted legislation and regulations at all levels, including local regulations and international treaties. These features should be clearly characterized in terms of identifying vs. accessory, required vs. desired, and describing the cited document vs. describing the citation.




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