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Subject: Re: [legalcitem] Motion to request a Special Majority Vote on requesting affiliation with the LegalXML Member Section

Dear Chet, 

could you please clarify the issue about IPR in this context? I see in 


that there are several options for IPR including
* RF on Limited Terms
* RF on RAND terms
* Non-Assertion

I see that there are several evident and other subtle differences. I remember that it was proposed for LegalDocML to switch from RF on Limited terms to Non-Assertion, and I wonder what this entails and if this would be appopriate for this group as well. 

Can you clarify a bit, please?



> Hi John, hi Fabio, 
> Perhaps we can put this on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting. 
> Fabio, you put forth an online motion that was seconded but that never came to a vote. Perhaps we can make and approve this motion at tomorrow's meeting: 
> I move that the chairs of the LegalCiteM TC request that TC
> Administration carry out a Special Majority Vote on approving a request by the
> TC to affiliate with the LegalXML Member Section with an additional request 
> that the Member Section waive its requirement that member TC's IPR modes
> must be RF on Limited Terms mode. 
> Jim C., do you think the Member Section Steering Committee would be amenable to waiving the RF on Limited requirement if asked? 
> Best regards, 
> /chet 
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