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Subject: Voting / non-voting status as of the end of the LegalCiteM TC meeting 16 April 2014

I updated the Roster for us today to ensure our quorum calculations are correct. As of the end of today's meeting, voting and non-voting members of the TC stand as follows: 

Voting members (20): 

* Bennett, Mr. Daniel, Individual

* Bennett, Frank, Japan Legal Information Institute, Nagoya Univ. Graduate School of Law

* Carver, Mr. Brian, Document Engineering Services Limited

* Cochet, Ms. Joan, National Center for State Courts

* Dann, John, ELI Task Force

* Ensign, Mr. Chet, OASIS

* Frug, Ms. Sara, Cornell Law School, Legal Information Institute

* Graham, Gary, Arizona Supreme Court

* Harris, Mr. Jim, National Center for State Courts

* Hirsh, Ken, American Association of Law Libraries

* Joergensen, John, Rutgers University School of Law

* Knapp, Melanie, George Mason University Law Library

* Kuster, Marc, ELI Task Force

* Larrington, Jane, University of San Diego Legal Research Center

* Neuren, Mr. Michael, Judicial Council of Georgia

* Niedringhaus, Kristina, Georgia State University College of Law Library

* Palmirani, Mrs. Monica, University of Bologna-CIRSFID

* Parisse, Mrs. Véronique, Aubay S.A.

* Tabone, Catherine, ELI Task Force

* Vitali, Mr. Fabio, University of Bologna-CIRSFID

Non-voting members (8): 

* Beatch, Richard, Bloomberg Finance L.P.

* Cabral, Mr. James, MTG Management Consultants, LLC.

* Carter, Wendy, DataStream Content Solutions, LLC

* Cheipe, Philippe, ELI Task Force

* Russell, Mrs. Anna, University of San Diego Legal Research Center

* Vandekoolwyk, Mr. Daniel, California Office of Legislative Counsel

* Vergottini, Grant, Xcential Group, LLC

* Woods, Roberta, William S. Richardson School of Law

As a reminder, voting status is attained and maintained by attending meetings. If a member misses two consecutive meetings, that member loses voting rights. If a member lacking voting rights attends two consecutive meetings, the member gains voting rights at the end of the second meeting. 

The above calculations are based on meeting attendance as logged in the TC's event record. If you believe that your status is wrong, please let me and the chairs know so that we can address the issue. 

Best regards,  

Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration 
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