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Subject: RE: [legalcitem] Global distribution of TC members for maximizing involvement

It was my understanding from the note below that the North America west coast group of 7 included both UTC -7 and UTC -10 (Hawaii). I know that it is impractical for my California colleague, with a young child to get to daycare before work, to attend 7am meetings. She probably won't be able to participate regularly unless another meeting time is established. As for me, I would prefer another time, although I can continue to make the 7am time work if necessary.

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To: Chet Ensign
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Subject: Re: [legalcitem] Global distribution of TC members for maximizing involvement

Dear Chet, 

> - Europe (UTC, +1) = 8
> - North America east coast (UTC - 5) = 10
> - North America  west coast (UTC -7, -10) = 7
> - Asia (UTC +9) = 1

Our current meeting time, at 16:00 (Europe), 10:00 (NA East), 7:00 (NA West), 23:00 (Japan) seems working for all of us. Of course this assumes that Frank Bennett in Japan is fine meeting at 11PM... 

I understood there were some people in Hawaii, who would have to join us at 4:00 AM, which would be hardly practical, but you don't seem to have listed anyone from there. 

Therefore, assuming that Frank still agrees to meet at 11PM, I don't believe there is a reason sufficient to split teleconferences in two groups.  

Just my personal opinion, though. 




Il giorno 22/apr/2014, alle ore 21:55, Chet Ensign <chet.ensign@oasis-open.org> ha scritto:

> Hi all,
> I have an action item from the last meeting to review the geographical / timezone distribution of TC members (I did not include observers) as input to a discussion on how we can manage the meeting times to enable maximum participation. 
> Rather than list individuals or break out individual time zones, I counted members in the closely related ones together. Here is what I found. 
> - Europe (UTC, +1) = 8
> - North America east coast (UTC - 5) = 10
> - North America  west coast (UTC -7, -10) = 7
> - Asia (UTC +9) = 1
> So we do indeed have a fair number of members on the Pacific coasts involved. Making a convenient meeting time for those members might help them to participate more easily and fully. 
> /chet
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