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Subject: Re: [legalcitem] Agenda Item for Next Week

Dear John, 

I approach these news with joy for the changes in your job, that appear to be good ones, but also with dread and fear for the changes in my responsibility in the LegalCiteM TC. 

I understand your motivations and will certainly do my best to carry over the group, but I seriously wish and need a co-chair to share workload and honors. 

For one thing, it is technically impossible for me to take part to the west-coast conference call which is late at night in Europe. Second, although my health is steadily improving and I am back to almost normal, I still have now and then issues that prevent a complete and trouble free contribution to the TC. 

As such, I do not want to start the next conference call without a candidate that we can consider suitable for the job. After receiving her availability, I would like to propose Melanie Knapp as your substitute as co-chair for the LegalCitem TC. 

I think Melanie's competences and awareness in the topics being discussed, her contributions to the subcommittees she is taking part to, and the fact that she has recently been elected in the LegalXML Steering Committee, makes her a very knowledgeable and ideal candidate for the role.

Of course, if there are other members that would like to consider the idea of volunteering, I will be very glad to start a discussion and a vote. Please put your hand up if you do. But since I feared the very idea of having a blank slate, I wanted to have at least ONE candidate willing to do the job, and Melanie agreed to that. 



On 13/mag/2015, at 21:57, John Joergensen <jjoerg@andromeda.rutgers.edu> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Due to circumstances partially within my control, partially not, my job here at Rutgers U. is changing.  Changing in good ways, but my responsibilities here will be increasing substantially.  Although I have no intention of leaving OASIS or the TC, I will not have sufficient time to act as co-chair.  This message is notice of my resignation as co-char of LegalCiteM TC.
> We are actually in pretty good shape.  The process of generating use case documents is nearing completion, and will be done very soon. In the meantime, my co-chair Fabio has been working steadily with the technical sub-committee, and they are ready to start the work of integrating the specifics of the use cases into a coherent framework.
> So, at next week's conference calls, we need to either nominate a successor, or decide to have Fabio continue as chair on his own.  A vote can then be held via the website.
> Thanks, and I'll talk to you all next Wednesday (May 20).
> John
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> John Joergensen
> Associate Dean for Information Services and Professor of Law
> Rutgers University School of Law - Newark
> jjoerg@andromeda.rutgers.edu
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