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Subject: Meeting re-cap

Hi All,


I will finalize the minutes after the Pacific meeting this evening. In the meantime, I want to summarize our meeting for those who were not on the call because we discussed an important deadline, we need a new secretary(s), and Fabio would be happy for help on a Technical SC presentation for next meeting.


(1)   Most importantly, thanks John J. for your outstanding service as Co-Chair this past year+. We are glad you will remain on the committee.

(2)  Subcommittee deadlines. Please finalize your current use case document and provide it to the full TC by the June 17 meeting. Thank you!

(3)  We need a volunteer to be secretary of the committee. If we can get two volunteers, then we can have two secretaries to share the role – this seems feasible. The volunteers should be fluent in English and plan to attend most meetings. If I don’t get volunteers within 24 hours, I am going to start asking specific individuals to “volunteer.”

(4)  Fabio will give a presentation at the June 14 meeting of the Technical Committee – an overview of next steps, how the Tech SC will use our use cases, and potential paths for solutions moving forward. If Grant or Frank B is available to help, please contact Fabio and Melanie.


Thank you. I will submit today’s minutes to the OASIS site tomorrow.


Melanie Knapp

Head of Reference and Instructional Services

George Mason University Law Library

3301 Fairfax Drive, MSN 1G1

Arlington, VA 22201-4426

Tel: (703) 993-8111

Web: http://www.law.gmu.edu/library

Blog: http://blog.law.gmu.edu/library/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/masonlawlibrary

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GMULawLibrary


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