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Subject: Groups - legalcitem-minutes-2015-06-03-draft.docx uploaded

Submitter's message
Hi All,

I've asked Courts, Legislation, and Secondary sources to share their draft use case documents with us early next week. I hope everyone will have time to look over them. They will be good to have in mind when we hear from Fabio about Technical approaches on the call.

I also still need a volunteer for a Secretary. It's a great resume builder, forces one to engage fully with the work of the committee, and isn't difficult or very time consuming. Please contact me if you are willing to serve.

Jane Larrington, who participates in the Pacific Rim afternoon call, has volunteered to keep track of attendance and voting rights. Thanks, Jane!

Until Wednesday, June 17,
-- Melanie Knapp
Document Name: legalcitem-minutes-2015-06-03-draft.docx

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Submitter: Melanie Knapp
Group: OASIS Legal Citation Markup (LegalCiteM) TC
Folder: Meeting Notes
Date submitted: 2015-06-12 13:20:03

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