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Subject: Questions/remarks on legal reference conceptual model

Hello LegalCiteM

Reviewing what we covered during the last calls, I was asking myself some questions/remarks that I am sending out to the group. Sorry if some are obvious or were already answered. I would be happy if we could spend a few minutes in the next call to cover these.



So, building the source frame requires already a lot of interpretation. And the same citation could lead to different source-frames depending on who/which software annotates it. LCMReferences on the wiki writes "the source frame represents in a machine-readable way the same information that is specified in the source" - it is actually not the same information, it adds quite a lot of information/structure.

<Citation id="c00023" Class="EuropeanUnionDirective" URI="http://www.legislation.gov.uk/european/directive/2001/0083" Number="83" Year="2001">2001/83/<AcronymExpansion="European Community">EC</Acronym></Citation>

Assuming the (JSON ?) encoding of the citation was done (automatically or manually), where/how would it be associated with the corresponding piece of text ? is it out of scope of LegalCiteM ?
How will the specifications of features be related with specifications of descriptive metadata of legislations provided by ontologies like ELI (http://publications.europa.eu/mdr/resource/eli/eli-20141209-0/eli_ontology.xlsx) or by Akoma Ntoso schema ? is it related / overlapped or completely different ?


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