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Subject: Non-normative content such as notes and history in hierarchy types

I am currently converting the United States' codified statutes and
regulations into Akoma Ntoso.

What is the preferred method of putting non-normative content, such as
historical and other editorial notes, in a hierarchy type such as
hcontainer or section? Is it to create a subordinate hierarchy type
and specify its status as "editorial"? If so, would this cause any
ambiguity in parsing, e.g., guessing the subject of such editorial
content? Is there a preferred method of differentiating between the
types of such editorial content, such as those describing the
normative content's history, codification process artifacts, or
judicial interpretation? If there are no preferred or intended
methods, what methods would be consistent with the document model?

I note that the Legix.info website is embedding such non-normative
text in the content element along with normative text,[1] but I do not
think this is proper given that this method does not differentiate
between what is normative and non-normative. I also note that the meta
element is not allowed to be in a hierarchy type.

[1] http://legix.info/us/usc/title01.akn.html

Eric Branson

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