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Subject: Re: [legaldocml-comment] Erratum in Akoma Ntoso Naming Convention 4.4 Work IRI: creation date

Dear Andreas,

many thanks for your precious comment. It is definitely a typos.
We will correct it the current documentation (not yet published).
If you see other typos let me know, your help is very welcome.

Please use these new updated version of the documentation if you want to revise:
https://www.oasis-open.org/ committees/download.php/59827/examples.zip
https://www.oasis-open.org/ committees/download.php/59828/schemas.zip

We are approaching to publish the third public review based on this documentation (apart your last modification).
In meantime I am curious to know more about your Akoma Ntoso use.
If you can describe in one paragraph your project we can add it in the http://www.akomantoso.org/akoma-ntoso-in-detail/use-cases/ portal.

Best regards,
Monica Palmirani

Il 23/01/2017 13:44, Anders Rabo Thorbeck ha scritto:
To whom it may concern,

From http://docs.oasis-open.org/legaldocml/akn-nc/v1.0/csprd02/akn-nc-v1.0-csprd02.html#_Toc447637027 :

4.4 The IRI reference of a Work
Original creation date [...] MUST correspond to the content of the element <FRBRdate> in the <FRBRExpression> section of the metadata (required).

I believe this is an accident, and should refer to "<FRBRWork>" instead of "<FRBRExpression>".
Because why would the work refer to the _expression_, unless it's the master _expression_? Especially considering that an element of the _expression_ IRI is also linked to the <FRBRdate> element under <FRBRExpression>.

4.5.1 The IRI for the _expression_ as a Whole
If an approved act, the version date [...] MUST correspond to the content of element <FRBRdate> in the <FRBRExpression> section of the metadata.

Best regards,
Anders R. Thorbeck
Knowit Objectnet

Associate professor of Legal Informatics 
School of Law
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna 
C.I.R.S.F.I.D. http://www.cirsfid.unibo.it/ 
Palazzo Dal Monte Gaudenzi - Via Galliera, 3 
I - 40121 BOLOGNA (ITALY) 
Tel +39 051 277217 
Fax +39 051 260782 
E-mail  monica.palmirani@unibo.it 

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