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Subject: Re: [legaldocml] Table of content for deliveries 1 and 2

On 4/12/12 6:33 AM, Fabio Vitali wrote:
Dear all,

as discussed in the last TC meeting, the deliverables for this TC will be six (numbered 0 to 5):, as follows:

0) language primer: a layman introduction to all the issues relevant to the language (Non Normative)
1) language vocabulary: an introduction to the themes, the design issues and the objectives of the language followed by the systematic discussion of the characteristics of each element of the language (Normative)
2) language schema: the formal structure (in XSD and/or RelaxNG) of the XML vocabulary of the language (Normative)
3) naming convention: the structure and components of the URI used in the language (Normative)
4) pilot cases: a list of good experiences and best practices of applying the language to real life situations
5) user manual: instructional material for producers of documents, explaining the steps and the aspects of the actual production of documents using the language.

We are now meant to discuss the Table of Content of these delivery documents.

I'm sure we'll end up talking about this on the call, but I'm curious: in which of deliverables 0 or 1 will we address the influence of different legislative process on the design of the model? One of the things I am most curious about -- and apologize for not having addressed more fully -- is the fact that American legislative process (at the Federal level, at least ) is IMHO less amenable to FRBR-ish assumptions.....


Thomas R. Bruce @trbruce
Director, Legal Information Institute
Cornell Law School
http://www.law.cornell.edu/ @liicornell

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