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Subject: Start and End time for Speech , Answer in a debate

originally posted on akomantoso-xml :

We have a transcription app that tags audio/video of debate proceedings,  to connect audio-video feeds of a debate proceeding to the debate XML we need to record start and end times for a Speech / Answer ( I think the same would apply to Scene ...) 

Currently the only provision to do this is via <recordedTime /> but this isnt usable  since <recordedTime /> is meant to be used for an explicit mention of a time in a debate (which is not the case here ) . 

THe Speech has the @period attribute but that I think may be wrong too ...since the temporalData refers to lifecycle events on the document ...while in this case we are just recording the start and end time of a speech. 

I think additional attribution is required (it would have to be a xsd:dateTime, since a speech could span across 2 days) to record start and end date-time of a speech/answer/scene ... 

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