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Subject: Akoma Ntoso based Editor

Hi everyone,
We're holding an "unhackathon" around editing in Akoma Ntoso this coming weekend at UC Hastings Law School, Stanford Univ, in Denver, and remotely from other locations.
For the occasion, I have created an HTML5 based editor for Akoma Ntoso. It's available at:
There is a tutorial there as well. It's an experimental editor, not a product. So set your expectations accordingly. I hope it is useful in teaching Akoma Ntoso basics.
Please feel free to give it a try. You don't need to be signed up for the hackathon to give the editor a spin, you can simply create your own account with the tool. You do need to have the latest version of one of the latest browsers.

-- Grant
Grant Vergottini
Xcential Group, LLC.
email: grant.vergottini@xcential.com
phone: 858.361.6738

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