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Subject: Terminology Map

Hi Everyone,
As I am now working in many different jurisdictions and as the terminology used by various terminology is often quite similar and at the same time somewhat dissimilar, I thought it would be instructive to build a terminology map. I have used the terminology that Monica introduced a few weeks ago and then added around it the terminology I deal with in California and at the federal level. I have also thrown in some other terms I have come across from other jurisdictions (such as Hong Kong) which differ. I've tried to extend the terminology map to encompass all the overloaded terms to make it clear the different usages. In some cases, terminology is colloquial so I have show that in italics. Also, often parts of the official term are omitted for brevity so I have placed in parenthesis the often omitted words.
I think that a map like this would address Ashok's concerns about the terminology debates we have and would give us all reference from which to map our local customs into the customs of other people on the committee. It would also allow us to agree to disagree on local terminology and hopefully drive to more neutral terms that don't lead readers to misinterpret parts of Akoma Ntoso.
My maps is simply written as an Excel spreadsheet. However, a more collaborative approach would be for me to open a Google docs spreadsheet to anyone that wished to contribute terminology. I know that OASIS requires that all documents be self-contained within the OASIS website, so this cannot be an official document. However, it could service as a working reference from which we could derive an OASIS glossary.
What do you think?

-- Grant
Grant Vergottini
Xcential Group, LLC.
email: grant.vergottini@xcential.com
phone: 858.361.6738

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